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3 Easy Ways to Learn Futures Trading

| March 8, 2024 | By

When it comes to active trading, the learning curve is steep, and time is money. Getting up to speed as quickly as possible may be the most important task that those new to the markets face.

However, there’s good news ― technology has streamlined the process of trader education. In decades past, a prospective trader’s ability to learn futures trading was confined to local commodity pits or 1-on-1 conversations with contacts in the markets. Now, the availability of online educational materials, expert webinars, and live market platform demos enables newbies to obtain a concrete knowledge-base from the comfort of their own homes.

Building a Strong Foundation: The Online Educational Suite

The evolution of electronic trading has brought the ability to engage the markets to the masses. In addition, tons of literature and blog content are available online 24/7/365. For anyone interested in futures, accessing a net-based educational suite is a great first step in learning about the markets.

A good educational portal is multifaceted and designed to help anyone learn futures trading on their own terms. All types of content are included, and brokerage services, exchanges, or independent third-parties are the sources providing the guidance. Here are some of the more common components found in a robust futures trading educational suite:

  • Futures 101: A simple introduction to what a futures contract is and how trade is conducted.
  • Guidebooks: Professional-level trading manuals addressing a wide range of market-related topics are great learning tools. Strategy, analysis, and general information are frequented subject matter.
  • Market and product specifications: Exchange-based product specifications are valuable information related to calculating margin requirements and implementing risk management parameters.
  • Blogs: Blog content is an indispensable part of staying up to date on everything from current events to the latest market technicals.

An online educational suite gives you the foundation on which to begin pursuing a complete trading education. The futures markets are dynamic environments; after you know the basics, real learning can begin.

The Value of Webinars

Regularly attending webinars is a great way to brush up on almost anything related to futures. From operating a software trading platform to managing risk in real-time, an expert webinar is the next best thing to sharing a desk with a market professional. If you want to learn futures trading, webinars are a premier resource.

Webinars offer two benefits to students of the markets that text simply can’t:

  • Practical: By watching a professional trader or analyst engage the market, you may gain a realistic perspective toward futures.
  • Visual: For many people, visual learning is more effective than reading page after page of text. Watching a demonstration via webinar provides the viewer with a tangible feel of the subject matter.

Webinars offer a convenient way of boosting your trading chops. They can provide a glimpse into the reality of futures trading, what success looks like, and how to physically execute the many functions of active trade.

Engaging the Live Market

From heart surgeons to BBQ pitmasters, experts spend an extended period of time on “perfecting the craft” before ever attempting it in the real world. Futures traders are no different, and the market simulator is their key developmental tool.

Simply put, there’s no teacher like the live market. A simulator, or live-market demo, gives traders the ability to observe price action, place trades, and get a feel for futures absolutely risk free. If you’re serious in your quest to learn futures trading, then spending some time on a live-market simulator is an absolute necessity.

Learn Futures Trading on Your Terms

Education is critical to developing the skill set necessary for gaining competency in any field. Referencing online educational suites, on-demand webinars, and live-market simulators are valuable ways aspiring market participants learn futures trading.

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